Kronenboden concert - it's very exciting to be playing in the beautiful Kronenboden gallery, in the heart of cultural Wedding in Berlin, as a warm-up to our Ireland trip.  Click here for the facebook event, or see the poster below to attend.


Kronenboden, Wedding, Berlin 
Schwedenstraße 16

13357 Berlin


Our concert in St. Mary’s Church, Blessington is announced for Saturday 5th April at 8:00pm. We are getting our four-leaf clovers ready and preparing our Theme and Variations programme!



We are very excited to have commissioned Renee Baker from Chicago to write a new work for brass quartet which we will premiere next year.  Renee is a composer, conductor, violoist and the creative director of the Chicago Modern Orchestra Project. We love the projects that she has done in Berlin so far and look forward to sinking our teeth into some new material.

It's due to be completed June 1st 2014.